2024 Ubuntu Conference

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The upcoming Ubuntu Symposium for 2024 is set to take place in The Hague, Netherlands during the dates of October 25th – 27th! This event has become a hub for showcasing the unconventional and the daring. Our goal is to highlight individuals who refuse to settle for mediocrity, putting the spotlight on the experts, creators, innovators, and craftsmen who exemplify outstanding craftsmanship in an open environment. By amplifying these voices through the Ubuntu Symposium, our mission is to propel our joint vision of constructing the future through open-source software.

Get ready for your presentations!

The Call for Abstracts for the 2024 Ubuntu Symposium is now open, welcoming speakers who wish to impart their daring vision of the future. Here are a few themes that align with the essence of the Symposium:

  • Pioneering new initiatives
  • Revolution in open ecosystems and societies
  • Bridging the gap from closed to open-source

If these themes strike a chord with you, we eagerly await your abstract submissions!

Introducing showcases

A key feature of the Ubuntu Symposium is the wealth of dialogue and connections it fosters. This year, we are enhancing the experience by introducing exhibition showcases. Projects and communities can request a showcase throughout the Symposium. These showcases will not be sales-oriented, but rather a platform for projects to display their innovative work, engage in insightful discussions with conference attendees, and promote avenues for community involvement.

Is your project or community keen on hosting a showcase at the 2024 Ubuntu Symposium? Submit your showcase request today!

Exciting updates on the horizon

Stay tuned for more news about the Ubuntu Symposium 2024 by following the official Ubuntu social media outlets:

  • Mastodon
  • X/Twitter
  • LinkedIn

For further details on this year’s Symposium and its remarkable host city, visit the Ubuntu Symposium 2024 events page. If you have any inquiries about the 2024 Ubuntu Symposium, reach out to the event organizing committee via email at [email protected].

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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