2K Games is currently developing an undisclosed ‘Remaster’.

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It has been common knowledge for a while now that 2K is in the process of creating a Bioshock follow-up. The upcoming installment in the series will mark the first time without direction from Ken Levine, and is set to utilize Unreal Engine 5 to provide cutting-edge visuals. And now, it appears that a reimagining of the original game might also be in the works. 

Recently discovered by MP1st, Brett Shupe, a 3D artist and animator at 2K, has included in his CV work on a few fresh ventures, which consist of a new Mafia game, a new Bioshock game, and numerous undisclosed projects, one of which is an unannounced ‘revamp’.

Speculations have arisen that the original Bioshock could be one of the contenders for the enigmatic revamp. In recent years, Capcom has experienced significant success with its overhauls of the original Resident Evil games. While Bioshock shares certain horror elements, it offers a distinct setting and a timeless style due to its first-person gameplay, featuring firearms in the primary hand and unique abilities with the secondary hand. Moreover, Bioshock had received a well-received refurbishment just a few years ago.

With a vast collection of valuable intellectual properties under its belt, 2K Interactive has a plethora of options for a nostalgia-inducing revamp.

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2K Games is working on an unannounced ‘Remake’

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