2K Games seems to be working on an undisclosed remake.

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2K Games Appears to be Developing a Mystery Remaster.

Reports suggest that 2K Games is currently in the works on an undisclosed reimagining of one of its game series. Speculation arose when a 3D artist and Motion Capture Animator at 2K Games listed the following titles on their LinkedIn resume:

  • Upcoming Unannounced Remake
  • New Mafia game
  • New BioShock game
  • Supermassive Games project codenamed Erebus (later canceled)

It has already been confirmed that Hangar 13, the studio behind Top Spin 2K25, is developing a fresh addition to the Mafia series. Roman Hladík, Studio General Manager, officially announced the project coinciding with the franchise’s twentieth anniversary:

“I’m delighted to announce that we have commenced work on a brand-new Mafia venture! While it’s still a few years away and we are unable to disclose any further details at this moment, we are thrilled to continue expanding this beloved franchise and captivating our players with new narratives.”

Similarly, the BioShock franchise is also in progress. Although the latest chapter was unveiled in late 2019, Cloud Chamber is actively recruiting for the undertaking. The revelation of the abandoned project by Supermassive Games, in partnership with 2K Games, following the successful release of The Quarry in June 2022, sheds light on their unreleased game Erebus, potentially contributing to the significant layoffs that transpired a few months ago.

However, the highlight of the current buzz surrounds the undisclosed remake. Given 2K Games’ extensive catalogue, it’s a perplexing task to decipher the title in question. It’s safe to assume it’s not related to any of their routine sports franchises, as revamping an annual sports release wouldn’t seem logical.

That leaves us with potential candidates like X-COM, Civilization, Borderlands, and Mafia, apart from BioShock. Yet, Mafia has already undergone a revamp of its inaugural edition and a remaster of the sequel. BioShock also received a remastered trilogy. Could Gearbox’s speculated upcoming Borderlands iteration, anticipated to be revealed at Summer Game Fest 2024 (but failed to materialize), actually be a rework of the original title, which itself received a remaster?

One thing is certain: 2K Games always delivers excitement. Stay tuned for any further whispers or revelations regarding this mysterious project.

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