4 Google utilities to aid you in navigating summer discounts.

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1. Discover the most recent discounts.

A fourth of individuals who feel remorse after purchasing something during last year’s major retail promotions state it’s because they subsequently found the item at a reduced price. To ensure you don’t miss out on the newest deals from various retailers (or experience buyer’s regret), we’re unveiling an updated savings hub. When you search for “shop deals,” a carousel will display the most recent offers from different retailers. You will also see discounts on product categories of interest from a variety of stores: direct-to-consumer brands, major retail outlets, high-end multi-brand retailers, designer brands, and small specialty stores.

Beneath the carousel, you’ll find promotions and price reductions that align closely with your preferences from numerous stores, categorized by product types such as electronics, clothing, home goods, toys, cosmetics, and pet supplies. By simply clicking, you can compare prices among retailers, access product evaluations, verify availability, and locate shipping details.

Customers in the United States can explore the savings hub today on both mobile devices and desktops.

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