A cluster of artificial intelligence is powered by a 10,000 MTT S4000.

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An Assemblage of AI Empowered by a 10,000 MTT S4000 Processing Unit

News from China unveils that Moore Threads has successfully interconnected 10,000 units within its data centers with the strategic goal of fueling artificial intelligence operations.

Crystalizing the essence of 10,000 MTT S4000 processing units residing in a data center dedicated to AI, the potential for innovation and computation is prodigious.

The infrastructure comprises extensive clusters, amalgamating up to 10,000 boards. Among these are MCCX D800 server clusters featuring eight MTT S4000 units, dual fourth-generation Xeon processors, 1TB of RAM, and 15.36TB of NVMe SSD storage. To amass the total of 10,000 boards, a requirement of 1,250 such machines is imperative.

The primary objective here is to establish data centers tailored for the advancements in artificial intelligence. These centers will facilitate the training of diverse LLM-models whilst efficiently managing inference-related tasks.

It’s significant to acknowledge that the MTT S4000 unit is crafted specifically for servers, predicated on the Musa architecture pioneered by Moore Threads—the same innovators behind the MTT S80 and MTT S70. Each card is endowed with 48 GB of memory and 128 tensor cores, summing up to 1,280,000 tensor cores within a cluster comprising of 10,000 units. Moreover, for inter-card communication, a proprietorial MTLink interface is deployed, providing a commendable bandwidth of 768 GB/s.

Nonetheless, the trajectory ahead appears uncertain for the brand, primarily attributable to the stringent US sanctions which inhibit the company from accessing cutting-edge engraving processes. Nonetheless, recourse to SMIC stands viable, although speculations indicate elevated costs and constrained availability as potential hurdles. This predicament is intensified given that the brand recently secured a substantial $343.7 million in funding, alongside forging partnerships with prominent Chinese telecommunication entities.


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