A follow-up to Lords of the Fallen is in the works and scheduled for a 2026 launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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The game company CI Games has recently declared that a follow-up to Lords of the Dropped (2023) is in progress and will be exclusively launched by Epic Games for PC, at least initially. The choice not to unveil the game on Steam has caught many enthusiasts off guard, given the triumph of the preceding chapter, which vended 1.3 million copies by the conclusion of 2023.

Despite the favorable sales figures, CI Games has confronted its own obstacles. The firm commenced a reorganization campaign earlier this year, ultimately resulting in about 30 job reductions. Nevertheless, the studio has remained resolute in its determination to bring forth a sequel to its most recent action RPG.

According to documentation (via Neowin), CI Games has secured an exclusive PC distribution pact with Epic Games for the imminent sequel. In the paperwork, the game is denoted as “Project 3,” although it is known that CI Games copyrighted “Passing of the Dropped” some months back, leading many to speculate that may be the sequel’s title.

Despite the absence of the game on Steam at debut, CI Games has maintained the entitlement to circulate the title on other systems, encompassing the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It is not infrequent for Epic Games to clinch exclusive distribution agreements for PC titles under its umbrella. Nonetheless, there have been circumstances, such as with the Kingdom Hearts series, where games initially proprietary to Epic on PC have eventually transcended to other platforms, including Steam.

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