A prototype PlayStation 5 was purchased for $6000 under the guise of a “PizzaStation.”

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A prototype of PlayStation 5 was sold on the internet at a significantly high cost, and the vendor had to be cunning to prevent it from being removed by Sony.

As shared by Consolevariations on X/Twitter, a prototype was recently purchased for the staggering price of $6000. To prevent the system from being removed, the seller masked it as a PizzaStation 5 development kit, poking fun at its distinctive V-shaped design, which garnered criticism when the initial images of the prototype emerged online in 2019.

Despite being intended exclusively for developers, numerous PlayStation 5 prototypes have found their way into the possession of regular users. In 2022, we were also treated to a comprehensive view of the prototype’s unique attributes, which are evidently not accessible on the commercial system.

Given the number of glimpses we have had at the PlayStation 5 prototype, it would not be unexpected to see several of them transition into the PS5 Pro prototype. The mid-cycle hardware update from Sony, which will offer improved specifications, superior ray tracing capabilities, and backing for the Playstation Spectral Super Resolution upscaler, is anticipated to launch between late 2024 and the early months of 2025. With speculations circulating about a PlayStation Showcase scheduled for September, it is highly likely that we will soon receive additional insights into the system.

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