A recent leak suggests that Samsung’s upcoming wearable device will be named the Galaxy Watch X.

Recent intel on Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Watch has surfaced, questioning the currently accepted designation. Several prior reports have labeled the awaited top-tier model as the Galaxy Watch Ultra. However, according to Greek tech news site Tech Maniacs, it is proposed to be named the Galaxy Watch X.

While the rationale behind Samsung’s deliberation for the name change is not clarified by the publication, online conjecture hints at a probable reaction to Apple Watch Ultra series. It is conceivable that the company is aiming for a distinctive label for its gadget to differentiate it clearly from its competitors.

Nevertheless, there is also speculation that Samsung might resort to the same “X” moniker as Apple, given rumors suggesting the development of an “Apple Watch X” wearable by the manufacturer. This circumstance could necessitate a name alteration, highlighting the emphasis that tech corporations place on branding their yet-to-be-released hardware.

Sturdier design

Aside from the nomenclature shift, the leaked information from Tech Maniacs unveils more details. The report indicates that the wearable will feature a 578mAh battery, surpassing the Galaxy Watch6 Classic’s 425mAH battery capacity. With such an energy reservoir, Samsung’s future gadget could purportedly endure up to 100 hours on a single charge.

As per SamMobile, part of this extended battery life can be credited to the Exynos W1000 chipset, which has garnered significant anticipation. A report by the Korean Economic Daily newspaper asserted it to be 20 percent more power-efficient than its predecessor.

In addition to the enhanced chipset, Samsung seems to be fortifying the durability of the wearable device. Tech Maniacs claims that the Watch X is designed to withstand immersion up to 100 meters underwater, equivalent to approximately 330 feet, matching the capabilities of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to unveil the next Galaxy Watch at its upcoming Unpacked event, potentially scheduled for July 10. However, Tech Maniacs puts forth a bold claim that the event might be rescheduled to June 24th.

While there is no clear explanation for Samsung’s decision to expedite the event date, there are speculations linking it to the Olympics. It is conceivable that the company intends to make significant announcements prior to the Paris Games to avoid being overshadowed. As with all leaks, it is advisable to approach this information with caution.

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