A strategic approach to maximizing cybersecurity return on investment

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Adopting an ‘assume attack’ mentality

Before spending their budgets, CISOs need to be strategic in aligning their investments with business objectives. It’s important to embrace the reality first – aiming to prevent a breach is not a realistic goal anymore. Therefore, the focus must shift towards limiting the attack surface and effectively containing the breaches when they occur.

This calls for an ‘assume attack’ mentality. By shifting to a mindset that expects and plans for cyber incidents, organizations can develop more resilient defense mechanisms. It involves recognizing that breaches are not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. This acknowledgement drives the development of strategies focused on rapid detection, response, and recovery.

A crucial aspect of this shift is changing the perception around planning for failure. Planning for cyber incidents shouldn’t be seen as admitting defeat but as a proactive measure to strengthen resilience. It’s about preparing to respond effectively, not expecting to fail.

The best way to achieve this new mindset is through the implementation of Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) solutions. ZTS reduces the blast radius of any attack by up to 66 per cent, by breaking up the network into multiple small segments. This helps security teams to limit user access and monitor communication and traffic flow between different network segments. So, when unauthorized access occurs, the user’s movement is confined to that particular network segment, thereby thwarting lateral movement.

Moreover, ZTS extends its ROI beyond immediate breach response. We found that organizations report up to 90 per cent savings in SecOps labor and substantial reductions in tool consolidation costs, reaching up to $3 million in savings. This strategic shift not just bolsters security but also supports business continuity, safeguarding against the disruptive effects of cyber incidents.

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