A US startup is following in Apple’s footsteps by combining hardware and software to tackle AI’s significant power consumption issue, highlighting the inefficiency of today’s computers.

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Efficient Computer, a promising startup, has entered the scene with a bold promise to revolutionize energy efficiency in processors. The company, which made its debut in March 2024, secured $16 million in seed funding spearheaded by Eclipse VC. Their innovative approach involves developing a completely new technology stack, covering everything from compilers to silicon, all within a span of just one year.

Efficient structuring of memory

Brandon Lucia, the visionary Founder and CEO of Efficient Computer, has criticized the inefficiency of current computer systems, particularly those employing the traditional von Neumann processor design. According to Lucia, this outdated design wastes a staggering 99% of energy due to its inherent flaws. To combat this issue, Efficient Computer has introduced a revolutionary ‘Fabric processor architecture’ that presents programs as interconnected circuits of instructions. This groundbreaking approach has been successfully implemented in the Monza test SoC, showcasing its potential to transform the industry.

In a recent interview with eeNews Europe, Lucia elaborated on the company’s innovative strategy, emphasizing the simultaneous development of the architecture, compiler, and software stack. By eliminating the need for constant instruction fetching and register flow, their design streamlines processes and optimizes energy utilization. The initial chip performance of 1.3 to 1.5TOPS/W at 500mW to 600mW is just the tip of the iceberg, as Efficient Computer envisions significant scalability. Lucia projects reaching 100GOPS at 200MHz by early 2025, with the potential for a 10 to 100-fold increase in performance while maintaining peak efficiency.

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