According to AMD’s gaming client PC business leader, the success of Sony’s PS4 prevented AMD from facing financial ruin.

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AMD’s Survival Amidst Financial Turmoil

AMD’s gaming division leader for PC clients reveals that Sony’s PS4 played a crucial role in preventing AMD from facing economic collapse. According to the Red Team’s executive, the collaboration with Sony on the PS4 project was a significant lifeline for AMD during challenging times.

Renato Fragale, AMD’s Gaming Client PC Business Lead, states on his LinkedIn profile that overseeing the product development team for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which has sold over 91 million units, was instrumental in helping AMD steer clear of bankruptcy. This partnership with Sony was hailed as one of the most successful ventures in AMD’s history, safeguarding the company from financial ruin.

Interestingly, AMD’s involvement with Sony didn’t stop at the PS4. Microsoft’s Xbox One also utilized a custom AMD chip, underscoring AMD’s capability in creating bespoke SoCs for major gaming consoles. Although profit margins might have been narrow, the massive sales figures of AMD-powered consoles by both Sony and Microsoft showcased the Red Team’s expertise in crafting specialized hardware solutions.

While Sony’s PS4 achieved remarkable success with over 117 million units sold, Microsoft’s Xbox One saw around 58 million units sold. The absence of the Xbox One sales figures from Fragale’s resume could be attributed to the discrepancy in sales numbers between the two rival consoles.

With the seamless integration of custom AMD solutions in Sony’s PS4 and the current PS5, along with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles, AMD’s pivotal role in the gaming industry continues to shape its trajectory.

If you want to delve deeper into the full specifications of the 2013 PlayStation 4, feel free to explore the details provided below.

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