After experiencing three defective CPUs and going through two RMAs, Intel has declined to reimburse for a malfunctioning 13900K that is just under a month old.

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During the recent period, we have been communicating with Intel’s Return Merchandise Authorization team, striving to have our Core i9-13900KF and Core i7-14700KF (successfully) substituted. The latter was successful on the initial attempt, but the former has proven to be quite a challenge. The initial unit experienced a PCIe issue that caused the computer to crash (BSOD) whenever the PCIe bus was utilized to a certain extent. Intel promptly resolved the situation by replacing it with a new unit that functioned flawlessly… for approximately two months. Here are the details of that experience.

Core i9-13900KF RMA unit 1: The same issue reappeared in the replacement unit but in a slightly modified manner. Anything connected to the CPU’s PCIe Generation 5 lanes went undetected: Graphics card, SSD adapter, network adapter, etc. With a GPU inserted, the computer refused to start. Things ran smoothly with the card inserted into the chipset-based PCIe Gen 4 x4 slot… however, you were limited to less than a quarter of the bandwidth.

Core i9-13900KF RMA unit 2: The second replacement unit, or the exchange of the product exchange, commenced promisingly. Following the eTVB correction, it was steady in most of the games we evaluated. Until The First Descendant appeared: Crashes occurred every other minute, becoming the highlight of the ordeal. It took me two days to complete the tutorial which typically requires 15 minutes. Provided below is an Event Viewer log encompassing all 44,242 error incidents.

There are 44K of these errors in the event manager recorded from 28th June to 7th Feb

Following the publication of the aforementioned articles, I received a call from Intel Customer Care, inquiring whether I desired a repayment for the unit. Naturally, I responded affirmatively. I provided the sales invoice, and they instructed me to wait. After waiting for nine days, I received the following response:

Despite recommending the repayment process, the Intel Customer Support team informed me that such an action isn’t feasible. It appears that providing two defective product exchange units consecutively aligns with the company’s interpretation of “going the extra mile.” I have requested a “functioning CPU,” and the team has urged me to be patient. Let’s hope they dispatch a functional chip after 10 days.


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