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Samsung revealed two innovative foldable smartphones at its Unpacked ceremony in Paris: the Galaxy Flip6 and the Galaxy Fold6.

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During the Unpacked Event held by Samsung on Wednesday, a variety of products were introduced to the public.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the products that the technology giant unveiled and discussed.

Samsung Galaxy Circle

The Samsung Galaxy Circle can monitor different health indicators like pulse rate. It marks Samsung’s initial venture into the smart ring segment of merchandise as it aims to retain users within its range of devices from smartwatches to smartphones.

Arjun Kharpal | good

The Samsung Galaxy Circle is a “smart ring” equipped with sensors and intended for continuous wear to track various health metrics.

Samsung claimed it is capable of measuring aspects like heart rate and sleep patterns.

The Circle is priced at $399 and will be accessible on July 24.

Detailed information is available here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 unfolds akin to a traditional flip phone but with a flexible screen. When shut, the front display exhibits apps.

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The Galaxy Z Flip6 is an alternative foldable device from Samsung. It unfurls similarly to a classic flip phone but featuring a bendable screen.

When closed, the Z Flip6 showcases a compact front screen with applications such as the calendar and clock.

The Galaxy Flip6 commences at $1,099.

More details can be found here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

The Samsung Galaxy Watch7 stands as the newest model of the corporation’s premier smartwatch. It features an updated processor and enhanced health monitoring.

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The Watch7 stands as the latest version of Samsung’s lead smartwatch. It incorporates diverse health tracking sensors which, when paired with the Galaxy Circle, can deliver comprehensive health data on an individual.

Samsung unveiled that the Watch7 employs a new processing chip.

The Watch7 starts at $299.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold6 at its Unpacked function in Paris, France. The technology giant emphasized that the collapsible gizmo is slimmer and lighter compared to its forerunner.

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The Galaxy Z Fold6 marks the most recent rendition of Samsung’s foldable smartphone. It unfolds akin to a book to unveil a larger display, yet it can also be utilized in a shut position.

Samsung is credited with pioneering foldable screen smartphones, although it has encountered escalating competition from Chinese manufacturers.

The technology giant highlighted the artificial intelligence capacities of the device and asserted that it is svelter and lighter than its precursor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

The Galaxy Watch Ultra stands as Samsung’s inaugural “Ultra” iteration of its flagship smartwatch. The product is targeted at consumers seeking more advanced athletic and activity data.

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This signifies the primary “Ultra” model of Samsung’s smartwatch. The enterprise indicates it is aimed at individuals with enhanced activity levels, like mountaineers.

The timepiece showcases a multi-sport mode enabling the tool to monitor performance across numerous activities, such as those in a triathlon.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra also operates across a vast altitude range, from 500 meters undersea level to 9,000 meters altitude, suitable for extreme sports.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra initiates at $649.

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro

Samsung revamped the layout for its wireless earpieces. The Buds3 and Buds3 Pro (displayed), come with fresh attributes like language interpretation and adaptable noise cancellation.

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Samsung redesigned the appearance of its cordless earbuds for the Galaxy Buds3 series, available in standard and “Pro” variants.

When linked to the Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6, the Buds3 can interpret a foreign language it hears (e.g., during a college lecture) into the user’s selected language.

The Buds3 can also autonomously fine-tune audio levels and noise cancellation depending on the user’s surroundings.

The Buds3 initiate at $179, while the Buds3 Pro start at $249.

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