Amazon Games CEO states that Tomb Raider and Lord of the Rings Massive Multiplayer Online video games will be revealed soon.

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Amazon Games is currently working on numerous projects, with particular focus on two major titles – the next installment in the Tomb Raider series and the Lord of the Rings MMO, both developed in collaboration with properties owned by the Embracer Group.

These are substantial intellectual properties that are likely to captivate a vast audience of fans. Despite the anticipation surrounding these projects, there has been a lack of recent updates. The new Tomb Raider game was initially confirmed to be in the works utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 in April 2022, with the publishing agreement with Amazon being disclosed in December of the same year. Regarding the Lord of the Rings MMO (originally commenced by Amazon before negotiations shifted to the Embracer Group following a failed deal with Tencent after the latter’s acquisition of Middle-earth Enterprises), details were scant until a brief mention in May 2023.

When can players anticipate the release of these games? According to Amazon Games’ CEO Christoph Hartmann, in a recent interview with Variety, the launches are on the horizon, albeit without rushing the projects.

The debuts are not imminent but not distant either. As I mentioned, we are moving towards a more consistent release schedule for games. That’s all I can divulge at this moment… It’s all about maintaining quality. Hasty releases do not fare well. The standard must be Triple-A quality because the expectations are high.

Speculation suggests that the Tomb Raider game could be unveiled within a year, featuring an expansive open world for protagonist Lara Croft to explore on her motorcycle. If this holds true, a potential reveal at Gamescom or The Game Awards seems plausible.

Additionally, Amazon is concurrently developing a new TV series for Prime Video connected to the Tomb Raider universe. While past rumors hinted at a link between the games and the live-action content, Christoph Hartmann hinted in the Variety interview that this may not be the case.

We aim to foster closer collaboration, particularly with the various entertainment divisions within Amazon, such as Prime Video. Take “Tomb Raider,” where we have a game in the works while they are producing a show. Some speculate about a connection between them, but consider “Spider-Man.” The franchise boasts amazing games, stellar animated content, and exceptional live-action, all of which coexist harmoniously. It’s not always necessary for everything to be interwoven, but rather to present a unified brand, underscoring the significance of transmedia in contemporary times and the crucial role of games.

Regarding the Lord of the Rings MMO, it might be too late for the game to intertwine with the TV series, set to enter its second season. Details are scarce about this project, except that it will utilize an enhanced version of the New World engine, with unique considerations owing to the distinctive intellectual property.

In summary, Hartmann revealed Amazon’s current development of eight games, with plans to release two or three annually. This year’s scheduled releases include “Throne and Liberty” (September 17 on PC and consoles) and “New World: Aeternum” (planned for October 15 on PC and consoles). Furthermore, Amazon has secured publishing agreements for Bandai Namco Online’s “Blue Protocol,” projects from Glowmade, Disruptive Games, and Maverick Games, as well as two ventures underway at their Montréal and Bucharest studios.

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