An update with fixed bugs and revamped construction system

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Krita, a favored open-source digital drawing program for creators ranging from novices to experts, has recently rolled out version 5.2.3. This fresh update predominantly concentrates on bug repairs and significant enhancements in the construction system.

Noteworthy Updates in Krita 5.2.3

One of the most striking alterations in Krita 5.2.3 is a complete revamp of the assembly system. The Continuous Integration framework now backs all four major platforms, smoothing the development procedure and simplifying bug tracking and rectification.

This version also tackles numerous challenges that users have faced. For example, there are refinements in managing animated alteration masks and JPEG-XL support. Windows users will encounter improved shortcut management, and enhancements have also been made to painting assistants.

Specific issues have been eradicated, such as one that triggered crashes when inserting an animation keyframe column on a secured layer and another associated with the “read-only” condition of documents during loading and saving.

Furthermore, there is a resolution for canvas fade-out problems in 16-bit-uint mode on Angle and enhancements in color sampling in wrap-around mode.

Krita 5.2.3 Digital Drawing Tool

Krita 5.2.3 also introduces enhanced integration with MLT for aligning audio with animation and various tool canvas input shortcut behavior adjustments. Android users will observe upgraded icons and a more responsive S Pen encounter.

Moreover, the former QML touch docker has been swapped with a QWidget-based touch docker to evade issues on Android devices.

For detailed information on all the new features in Krita 5.2.3, visit the official announcement. The program can be downloaded on a variety of platforms. Windows users have the choice of an installer or a portable version.

Linux users can opt for the distro-agnostic AppImage, and macOS users can acquire the disk image. Please note that support begins from macOS 10.14. Lastly, Android users have access to Krita for tablets, with versions available for both Intel and Arm CPUs.

It’s crucial to highlight that Krita on Android is still in the beta phase and not yet available for smartphones.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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