Angie 1.6 Web Server Introduces Persistent Sessions

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Angie 1.6 Web Server Unveils Persistent Sessions

Angie emerges as a fresh web server derived from Nginx by some previous key developers with the aim of outshining the original’s capabilities. Crafted to seamlessly replace Nginx, it presents a fusion of recognized efficiency alongside numerous novel, cutting-edge features tailored for contemporary web requirements.

Noteworthy Additions in Angie 1.6 Web Server

The focal point of the Angie 1.6 rollout is the integration of the ‘sticky’ directive within the upstream block of the stream module. This feature facilitates the sticky sessions mode, guaranteeing that all connections within a session are directed to the same server.

Additionally, the web server now boasts the ability to extract Cookie values from RDP connections through the freshly introduced rdp_preread directive in the stream module. This functionality permits cookies to be recorded and sessions to be linked to specific servers while load balancing, leveraging variables such as “$rdp_cookie” and “$rdp_cookie_NAME.”

Furthermore, the server block now accommodates multiple ACME directives, enabling the setup of acquiring two certificates concurrently for a singular virtual server. Novel command-line options, -m and -M, have also been introduced to list both inherent and loaded modules.

Angie 1.6.0 Web Server

Furthermore, Angie 1.6 broadens its compatibility horizons by incorporating BoringSSL in the ACME module, thereby elevating the server’s compatibility and security parameters.

The recent release also includes two pivotal bug fixes concerning the ACME protocol handling. One corrects errors in certificate requests stemming from configurations resulting in faulty file descriptors. The other rectification resolves issues linked to certificate requests involving numerous domain names, causing JSON parser errors.

Lastly, a bug that plagued ACME clients with multiple error_log instructions has been rectified. Previously, this glitch caused log messages to be dispatched to irrelevant logs, complicating server administration and troubleshooting efforts.

The Angie 1.6 web server encompasses all functionalities of Nginx 1.27.0. For a comprehensive rundown of alterations, the changelog serves as a comprehensive resource.

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