Another Intel Arc Battlemage GPU appears featuring 32 Xe2-Cores.

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A recently discovered Intel Arc Battlemage GPU named G31 has been spotted on the manufacturer’s official website. While prior knowledge of the G31 GPU was limited to its name, new details have surfaced regarding its specifications, including the packaging and the number of Xe2-cores it will incorporate.

An observant @miktdt (via Bionic_Squash) stumbled upon a listing within Intel’s BMG series design tools, labeled as “PTT Engagement – BGA3283-BMG-G31 VRTT Interposer – Prototypes”, indicating that it will utilize a BGA package with 3283 pins. Furthermore, reports suggest that the G31 GPU will house 32 Xe2-cores, mirroring the count of Xe-cores present in the highest-end Alchemist GPU.

Alongside the G31, Intel’s Battlemage GPU series is anticipated to encompass the 28-core BMG-G10 (BGA-2362), which news sources suggest might have been shelved, and the 20-core BMG-G21 (BGA-2727). As per Bionic_Squash, these GPUs will all integrate GDDR6 memory and PCIe 5.0 connectivity.

Although Intel has shed light on the driving forces behind the development of the Battlemage GPUs, the exact lineup of the new graphics processors and an official release date are yet to be confirmed. While initial projections hinted at a debut in early 2025, recent rumors hint at a launch just before Black Friday (November 29th) of the same year.

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