Arctic introduces M2 Pro cooler for 2280 M.2 SSDs.

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The lightning-fast M.2 SSDs of today often encounter elevated temperatures during intense usage. This typically triggers the controller to throttle performance in order to prevent overheating and potential damage to the drive – a compromise that is far from ideal. Introducing the cutting-edge solution to this conundrum – Arctic’s latest innovation, the M2 Pro…

Crafted to accommodate both single- and double-sided 2280 M.2 SSDs, the M2 Pro is meticulously engineered to stave off overheating and expedite the cooling process of the SSD. Measuring at 73 x 24.2 x 10.5 mm, this cooler is equipped with two top-of-the-line Arctic TP-3 Premium Performance thermal pads, facilitating the seamless transfer of generated heat from the SSD to the heatsink.

Arctic’s rigorous testing has revealed that a Samsung 990 Pro SSD can breach the 90ºC threshold while transferring 200 GB of data. With the M2 Pro in place, Arctic’s internal data showcases a substantial temperature reduction to under 55 ºC at peak performance.

Aside from desktop PCs, the versatile Arctic M2 Pro cooler is also compatible with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Slim gaming consoles, elevating their thermal management capabilities. Offered in sleek black and silver color variants, the new M2 Pro is currently retailing for $9.99/€9.99.

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Source: KitGuru

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