Arrowhead’s Chief Creative Officer is aiming for the Helldivers 2 studio to reach the same level of success as FromSoftware, with a goal of soaring to new heights.

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Arrowhead Game Studio’s chief creative officer Johan Pilestedt envisions the studio becoming the next FromSoftware or Blizzard Entertainment. Pilestedt recently announced his transition from CEO to CCO, with industry veteran Shams Jorjani taking over as CEO. This move allows Pilestedt to focus entirely on game development and community engagement.

In an interview with, Pilestedt expressed his excitement about the success of Helldivers 2 and the studio’s future plans. He emphasized their commitment to remaining independent and their desire to create more innovative and engaging games. Pilestedt stated, “We feel there we have so much more to give, and so many more games we want to make.”

Despite the industry’s trend towards acquisitions, Arrowhead Game Studio stands firm in their independence. Pilestedt mentioned, “We pride ourselves on being an independent studio and have no plans of being acquired. We aim high and want to see how far we can go, potentially becoming the next FromSoftware or Blizzard, with Shams Jorjani leading the charge.”

Shams Jorjani echoed Pilestedt’s sentiments, emphasizing their focus on creating exceptional cooperative games and becoming a flagship studio known for quality. Jorjani explained, “We want Arrowhead to be a place where game developers aspire to work, much like Blizzard was for us. Our goal is not to become a massive 500-person company, but rather to grow strategically to enhance our game development and maintain a positive work environment.”

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