Atlas Fallen is said to be arriving imminently on Game Pass.

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Rumors from a Spanish informant extas1s suggest that Deck13’s action RPG Atlas Fallen will soon debut on Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription offering. While no specific date has been disclosed, it is likely to coincide with the imminent release of the expansive Reign of Sand update, set for August 6.

Originally launched in August 2023, Atlas Fallen received a somewhat mixed reception. Wccftech’s review rated the game a 7 out of 10:

Before its release, Atlas Fallen appeared to be a gripping action title that could stand toe to toe with the top games of recent years. However, the final execution positions Deck13’s latest creation as merely a decent offering that can provide enjoyment if players overlook its flaws. With some additional refinement, the game had the potential for greatness, but as it stands, it may fade into obscurity like the world engulfed in sand by the deity Thelos.

Deck13 is predominantly recognized for its Soulslike catalogue (comprising the initial Lords of the Fallen and the two The Surge entries). While attempting to branch out into a different genre with Atlas Fallen, they did not attain commercial success as confirmed by publisher Focus Home Interactive in December 2023.

Nevertheless, the team is persisting in enhancing the game. The upcoming Reign of Sand update will introduce fresh voiceovers by the acclaimed actor Ben Starr (renowned for voicing Clive Rosfield, the lead character in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI), a new zone, adversaries, 25 additional Essence Stones, fresh progression systems, enhancements to user experience (primarily related to the camera, alongside adjustments to balancing and initial gameplay), the long-awaited New Game Plus feature, and a novel challenge mode named Nyaal’s Nightmare.

It appears logical to ensure that a larger audience explores this improved rendition of Atlas Fallen through Game Pass. As KeokeN’s Koen Deetman shared with Wccftech in a recent Deliver Us Home conversation, Game Pass serves as a remarkable discovery tool that is likely to elevate a game’s exposure for an extended duration.

We are eagerly anticipating the official proclamation, anticipated in the near future.

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