Banana developers refute allegations that the game is a fraud.

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Recently, a game known simply as ‘Banana’ has been dominating the Steam rankings and amassing hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players. The concept of the game is straightforward – it displays a banana on the screen, and the objective is to click on it as many times as desired. It has become apparent that the game is being exploited by automated accounts to potentially profit through the Steam marketplace. Nevertheless, the individuals behind Banana are refuting claims that the game is a ‘fraud’.

One of the co-founders of the studio stated on the game’s official Discord server that there is no deceptive activity associated with Banana. The team asserts that they have intentions of evolving the game beyond a mere clicker game. The developer expressed excitement about expanding the game into something more comprehensive and engaging than its current state. They assured players that work is underway on numerous updates to enhance the gameplay experience and offer more activities involving bananas.

Currently, Banana has secured a position as one of the top ten most played games in the history of Steam, a notable achievement on the renowned PC gaming platform. However, it was later uncovered that an individual associated with the game had a history linked to a Bitcoin scheme from a time when Steam supported Bitcoin transactions on its platform.

The game is plagued by a well-known issue with automated accounts, which the developers acknowledge openly. They have not yet managed to devise an effective method to combat these automated bot farms, which utilize numerous alternate accounts to amass skin drops in large quantities. These skins are then sold on the Steam Marketplace for profit. With each skin sale, Valve takes a portion, the seller earns a cut, and the game developer also receives a share, prompting questions about the team’s commitment to addressing the problem.

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