Basketball is making its way to the Nintendo Switch Sports game in an unexpected update.

When Nintendo Switch Sports initially launched in 2022, it fell short of fans’ expectations, especially when compared to the beloved Wii Sports bundle. However, through a series of free updates, the game has gradually improved. Now, over a year since its last significant update, an exciting new sport is being introduced.

During the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, it was revealed that Basketball will be incorporated into Switch Sports through a forthcoming free update. This addition, set to arrive ‘Later this Summer,’ will expand the game to include an 8th sport – a pleasant surprise for players.

Upon release, the Basketball component will offer various modes. The primary mode enables 2v2 matches with motion controls, accessible for both local and online play. Additionally, two bonus party modes, ‘Solo Three-Point Challenge’ and ‘Five-Streak Battle,’ will be included for local multiplayer enjoyment.

With a considerable amount of time passing since the game’s last major update and even longer since a new sport was introduced, this upcoming basketball update is a delightful surprise for players.

While many may still view the original Wii Sports as the more enjoyable title, it’s great to see Nintendo enhancing Switch Sports with new content, providing a more comprehensive gaming experience for its players.

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Basketball is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports in a surprise update

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