Battlefield 2042 to Host Dead Space Limited Time Event Next Week

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Recently, DICE unveiled an exclusive crossover event in Battlefield 2042 with the Dead Space series, both properties of EA. The event, named Outbreak, is scheduled to take place for a limited time over the course of a week starting next Tuesday, from July 9 to July 16. The official description outlined in the announcement reads:

Participants in Outbreak will face a daunting challenge against a fresh, unyielding adversary as they strive to flee the confines of the Boreas lab.

Engaging in this special collaboration will enable players to earn complimentary rewards, including a novel weapon decoration and appearance, alongside a fresh player card backdrop and label. Additionally, a Dead Space pack is on offer, comprising a legendary “Marked Man” Specialist Outfit, three top-tier weapon designs, and more, priced at 2200 BFC.

Initially experiencing a lackluster reception upon its launch in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 faced criticism, emerging as the franchise’s most poorly received release. However, DICE persevered for a few years, enhancing the game through various updates, such as reinstating the cherished traditional class system. Despite these efforts, ongoing support for Battlefield 2042 is now tapering off as work on the upcoming installment in the series gains momentum.

Interestingly, Motive Studios, the developers behind the Dead Space remake, have joined forces with DICE, Ripple Effect, and Criterion, all collaborating on the new Battlefield project. The reimagined Dead Space, introduced at the start of 2023, garnered favorable reviews, achieving an 8 out of 10 in our assessment:

The fresh iteration of Dead Space represents a mostly effective revival of a seminal survival horror title, delivering immersive new graphics and an array of precise enhancements to combat, level configurations, and the game’s frightening elements, promising to captivate and surprise long-time enthusiasts.

Regrettably, fans anticipating remakes of the entire Dead Space trilogy faced disappointment in April when reports from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb indicated that Electronic Arts had not internally approved a remake of Dead Space 2. Consequently, the future of the franchise is once more uncertain, with a segment of Motive Studios focusing on Battlefield (while another team delves into the development of the Iron Man game).

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