Battlefield 2042’s collaboration with Dead Space commences next week.

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The upcoming collaboration between Battlefield 2042 and Dead Space is set to launch in the near future.

The developers behind Battlefield 2042 have revealed an exciting and unique partnership: a crossover event with the renowned sci-fi horror game, Dead Space. This collaboration will introduce a new temporary event for gamers to experience within Battlefield 2042.

Named ‘Outbreak’, this new game mode will require teams of four players to face off against waves of infected adversaries while striving to escape the Boreas laboratory.

This collaboration arrives amidst some interesting developments, given DICE’s recent announcement regarding the conclusion of updates for Battlefield 2042 in favor of concentrating on the upcoming installment. Moreover, there were reports earlier this year that EA had declined a proposal for a new Dead Space game post the 2023 remake. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to witness EA leveraging the Dead Space franchise in this manner.

Participating in the time-limited Outbreak mode will allow players to secure complimentary rewards. However, to acquire the premium items like a Dead Space-themed attire and three legendary weapon finishes, players will need to spend 2200 Battlefield Coins to obtain the Dead Space bundle.

The Outbreak game mode will be accessible from the 9th to the 16th of July.

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