Bethesda Registers Brand for Fresh id-Tech Fueled Project “Motor”

Zenimax, the parent corporation of Bethesda, has apparently submitted a recent trademark application for a new Id-tech fueled intellectual property named “Motor.” Spotted by @Bogorad222 on X, the latest trademark submission was officially filed a few days back on June 18. As many are aware, id-Tech serves as id Software’s unique game engine, with reports indicating a transition to id-Tech 8. The critically acclaimed 2020’s Doom Eternal operates on id Software’s Id-tech 7. Although no specific details regarding the new “Motor” trademark have been disclosed yet, enthusiasts are already speculating that the trademark could potentially be linked to a fresh entry in the Rage series. Alternatively, it may be associated with a new id-Tech spin-off engine. A screenshot of the trademark application is provided below:

Earlier in the current month, Microsoft and Bethesda formally unveiled Doom: The Dark Ages, and it will be intriguing to discover which iteration of id Software’s engine powers this new Doom installment.

Doom: The Dark Ages is set to launch on Xbox, PlayStation 5, and PC at some point in the upcoming year. Below, you can find the high-octane announcement trailer and additional game specifics:

  • Step Into the World of the Deities, Monarchs, and the Slayer – The Doom Slayer stands tall, encompassed by flames in the backdrop. Engage in combat as a solitary individual confronting Hell’s armies in a shadowy fantasy environment that expands the Doom universe. Witness the genesis of the Slayer’s fury and his ascension from the final hope of a realm to Hell’s ultimate terror in this gripping, cinematic precursor to Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.
  • Confront the masses armed with Shield Saw and Flail – A hamlet besieged by demonic entities while artillery illuminates the night sky. Annihilate, pummel, cleave, and penetrate through enemy lines utilizing the Slayer’s extraordinary strength, deadly arsenal, and unparalleled determination. Enhance your reliable Super Shotgun with The Dark Ages’ novel armaments, such as the bone-crushing Flail and the revved-up, throw-friendly Shield Saw. Drawing inspiration from the original 1993 Doom, players in The Dark Ages overcome challenges through firmly rooted, hard-hitting engagements featuring destructible demons, vicious melee assaults, and more. Employing a blend of long-range bombardment and close-quarters aggression, anyone donning the Slayer’s footwear will make Hell tremble in theirs.
  • Control massive contraptions and aerial creatures – The gargantuan Atlan mech looms overhead. DOOM: The Dark Ages’ immense cosmic clash demands the most robust armament available, and the Slayer answers the call. Assume command of your Atlan – an imposing skyscraper-sized mechanical monstrosity capable of toppling Hell’s giants with colossal metal fists – and dominate the skies aboard the Slayer’s Mecha Dragon, outfitted with massive jet engines and overwhelming firepower.
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