Bluepoint Games provides an update on the progress of their project.

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Bluepoint Games burst onto the scene in this era with the exceptional Demon’s Souls Remake during the introduction of the PS5. Following this, the team has maintained a low profile, with minimal information available except for their work on an ‘innovative title’. Despite the passage of years since this initial announcement, Bluepoint has recently provided a concise update on the game’s current status.

Peter Dalton, the technology head at Bluepoint Games, fielded a query on Twitter from a fan seeking clarification on the studio’s current position, stating, “Hello Peter, could you verify if the studio is still engaged in original projects as previously declared? Thank you and best wishes!”

In his response, Dalton affirmed that, “There have been no changes from our original disclosure about working on an innovative title. Patience is key to our process. We are dedicated to honing our craft!”

Bluepoint Games has followed an intriguing path, with each successive endeavor being more ambitious than the last, climaxing with the launch of the Demon’s Souls Remake in November 2020.

Subsequently, the studio was acquired by Sony, divulging that their upcoming project involves ‘original content’ – the exact nature of which remains uncertain.

Several of Bluepoint’s prior remasters and remakes have demonstrated a high degree of fidelity to the originals, indicating that their next venture could potentially be a reimagining of a classic title, a sequel, or an entirely new intellectual property. Only time will reveal the truth.

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