Bluesound to Incorporate Dirac Live Room-Correction Technology into Chosen Products

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Bluesound has revealed a new collaboration with Dirac from Sweden to incorporate the esteemed Dirac Live room-adjustment processing in chosen items by obtaining a license and microphone accessory kit.

While not specifying the exact items, Bluesound, a sibling brand of NAD and PSB, stated that “upcoming Bluesound gadgets will be equipped to support Dirac Live once a Dirac Live license is acquired through the Dirac website,” along with a provided link to a page for consumers to sign up for notifications regarding which Bluesound products will be Dirac-compatible and the timeframe for this enhancement.

Upon availability of the first Dirac-enabled Bluesound player, a calibration kit will be offered for sale on

Plans are also in progress for potential Dirac backward compatibility for current devices, with details on eligible models scheduled for release at a later time.

Dirac Live room adjustment automatically tackles prevalent acoustic obstacles, uniquely correcting both the magnitude and phase of the entire audio system, encompassing the room, to achieve a more transparent, balanced sound with improved bass, staging, and clarity.

Fredric Tapper, VP at Dirac, noted: “The means by which consumers enjoy music at home have evolved; formerly, dedicated listening spaces were standard, but now the entire household serves as a listening area — from the living room to the kitchen, bedrooms, basements, and beyond.”

He added, “However, this expanded listening space definition has introduced new challenges for high-fidelity audio reproduction. Outdoor areas with varying room sizes and designs can substantially impact audio quality. This innovative partnership with Bluesound addresses these challenges by delivering high-fidelity audio throughout any room or listening space, irrespective of its complexities.”

Bluesound’s product manager, Matt Simmonds, emphasized: “At Bluesound, we firmly believe that customers shouldn’t compromise on audio quality for the convenience of streaming. Multiroom streamed audio should not come at the detriment of high-fidelity sound reproduction.”

He further stated, “Our dedication to high-fidelity sound is profound, which is why we are thrilled about collaborating with Dirac — a company that shares our dedication to audio advancement and the quest for perfected sound. These Dirac Ready Bluesound products will establish new benchmarks in the multiroom WiFi-based streamed audio sector.”

For additional details about Dirac, please visit, and for more information about Bluesound, visit their website here.

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