Calamari Installer version 3.3.7 has been launched, Check out the latest updates

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The Latest Release of Calamari Installer v3.3.7

The team behind the Calamares application has officially unveiled version 3.3.7 of their widely-used Linux installation framework. This new release comes after a significant gap following the rollout of version 3.3.6, which was not publicly announced.

In an effort to keep the development process in motion, the Calamares developers have acknowledged the slight delay resulting from the thorough resolution of issues over a two-month period. Here are the key updates in this latest release.

Noteworthy Improvements in Calamari Installer 3.3.7

Enhanced Code Formatting and Standards: This update incorporates revised clang-format settings to enhance code readability and upkeep. Furthermore, it introduces measures to ensure C++20 compatibility, guaranteeing that the installer remains aligned with the most recent programming standards.

Advanced Command List Capabilities: The CommandList feature, crucial for executing contextual and shell processes during installation, now supports the substitution of global storage keys as variables. This enhancement boosts the flexibility and effectiveness of automated commands during the installation procedure.

Module Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • File System Table (fstab) Module: Notable enhancement in the fstab module ensures that an encryption keyfile is not added if it is non-existent, streamlining the encryption process where required. This enhancement is a result of the dedicated contributions from Eugene.
  • Initcpiocfg and Keyboard Layout Enhancements: The initcpiocfg now includes new settings for fine-tuning initcpio hooks. Additionally, the keyboard module now offers improved support for the Persian (fa) layout and other non-ASCII layouts.
  • Partition Module Tweaks: Calamares 3.3.7 clarifies the partition module’s management of invalid fstab entries to prevent erroneous writing and potential system configuration issues. It has also introduced a configurable default check-state for the encryption checkbox, enhancing user control over encryption settings.
  • Various Qt6-Related Fixes: To enhance compatibility with Qt6, the latest version of this popular GUI development framework – Calamares 3.3.7, includes essential fixes to boost stability and user experience.
  • Preventing Sleep and Suspend During Installation: A useful new feature has been incorporated to enhance the reliability of unattended installations. Calamares now actively prevents the system from entering sleep or suspend modes while the installation is in progress.

For a comprehensive overview of all changes in Calamares Installer 3.3.7, please refer to the release announcement. The latest release and its source code are available for download from GitHub’s project page.

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