Clearance sale on the Intel Optane 905p 1.5tb SSD

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Intel’s Optane SSDs showcased unparalleled performance by utilizing 3DXPoint technology instead of the conventional NAND storage. These drives boasted exceptional endurance levels and remarkably low latency, outshining even the most advanced PCI-e 4 and PCI-e 5 SSDs in terms of loading speeds.

Despite its groundbreaking features, the Optane series faced challenges winning over tech enthusiasts primarily due to its exorbitant pricing. Upon its initial release, the 1.5tb variant of the 905p SSD hit the market with a staggering price tag of $2,199.99, surpassing the cost of top-tier consumer GPUs available at that time.

Recently, I conducted performance benchmarks on Intel’s Optane P5800X and 905p SSDs while running Final Fantasy on an Intel i9-14900K system. Surprisingly, the “dated” Optane 905p still outperformed NAND-based SSDs, edging out Kingston’s Fury Renegade by 2.27 seconds. Although the time saved may seem insignificant, when viewed from a performance standpoint, this translates to a notable 46% faster loading speed than the Fury Renegade’s 7.19 seconds.

With Optane’s production no longer ongoing, the prices of the remaining units in circulation are steadily decreasing. At present, NewEgg is offering a remarkable deal on the 1.5tb Intel Optane SSD for just $299 USD using the promo code SUMMER673. While this price point still exceeds that of premium NVMe SSDs, if you seek unparalleled loading speeds, Optane remains unrivaled in the market – even overshadowing the fastest PCI-e 5 SSDs available.

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