Commemorating 15 Years of the Acropolis Museum

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Delving into History: Discover the Freshly Revealed Dig Site

Experience the essence of ancient Athenian life by investigating the newly opened excavation site below the Acropolis Museum. For the very first time, immerse yourself in this historical cityscape using Street View technology, exploring the vestiges of these ancient structures and unveiling the untold tales of the individuals who inhabited and toiled in the vicinity of the Acropolis. Subsequently, proceed on your digital voyage by touring the remainder of the museum above ground.

The culture and structural design of ancient Greece are inextricably linked. Famed for its quest for flawlessness and balanced proportions, it reached its zenith at the Acropolis of Athens. Over 2,500 years ago, this aged bastion, situated atop a rugged elevation, evolved into a haven for architectural and artistic brilliance. The Parthenon, a shrine venerating the goddess Athena, serves as the most emblematic edifice on the Acropolis, displaying the magnificence of the Doric architectural style.

Presently, the Acropolis Museum, a symbol of historical heritage and ancient past, celebrates its 15th year in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, offering an enchanting digital odyssey through time, bringing the marvels of the Acropolis right to your digital devices.


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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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