Congratulate the champions of the 2024 student innovation contest

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Pukyong National University Daeyeon Campus – ATTI, South Korea

In South Korea, a team of students from Pukyong National University tackled the growing dementia issue in their country. With a rising number of cases and a pressing need for innovative solutions, the team developed “Atti,” a mobile app aimed at aiding individuals with memory loss due to mild dementia. By utilizing Flutter and Firebase, they created a user-friendly voice assistant to support those affected by dementia in recalling important events and managing daily tasks.

Through the integration of Google Cloud services and the Gemini API, the team’s solution focuses on enhancing communication, promoting psychological well-being, and assisting with lifestyle routines for individuals living with dementia. The innovative approach of the Pukyong National University students is a testament to the power of technology in improving the quality of life for those facing cognitive challenges.

The annual Google for Developers Solution Challenge provides a platform for university students worldwide to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology. This year, the contest culminated in a live demo day showcasing 10 exemplary teams, with winners from South Korea, India, and Nigeria recognized for their outstanding contributions to their communities.

At the core of the competition is the drive to leverage technical skills for social good, and the student champions of the 2024 contest have exemplified this ethos through their innovative projects. Their dedication to making a positive impact on society through technology serves as an inspiration to the global community of developers and problem-solvers.

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