Coreboot version 24.05 introduces upgraded 64-bit support

Coreboot, a freely available firmware platform designed to substitute propriety firmware (BIOS or UEFI) commonly encountered in most PCs, has recently revealed the launch of its most recent update, Coreboot 24.05.

The primary emphasis in developing the latest version has been on reinforcing the System Management Mode (SMM). This involves substantial improvements in page table management, making these releases reliable and secure for general utilization. Additionally, this particular release signifies a breakthrough in the stability of 64-bit Coreboot configurations.

Moreover, this update incorporates dual TPM driver backing, empowering systems to manage multiple Trusted Platform Module (TPM) versions concurrently—a crucial aspect in fortifying hardware security.

Coreboot 24.05 has also notably enhanced the architecture support for ARM devices. This revision eliminates limitations that necessitated the operation of Coreboot at the utmost privilege level (EL3) and now sustains EL1, EL2, and EL3, thereby granting more versatility and error prevention during operations at higher privilege levels.

The inclusion of enhancements in utility tools and updates to external resources such as toolchains and libraries has also been integrated. Particularly, the migration to Linux 6.8’s Kconfig and enhancements to LLVM and binutils are components of this version, alongside significant improvements to core dependencies like the ARM Trusted Firmware and Intel microcode.

Naturally, similar to any fresh update, this iteration does not overlook the inclusion of novel supported platforms. This latest release broadens the sphere of Coreboot’s compatibility by introducing support for 25 additional platforms or variations and embedding two new processors, encompassing devices from prominent manufacturers like AMD, Google, HP, and Lenovo.

Coreboot 24.05 is available for download from the project’s official site. The release declaration furnishes intricate details regarding all the modifications.

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