Corsair unveils its latest line of 3500X computer cases.

Corsair reveals its newest selection of 3500X PC enclosures.

Corsair introduces fresh casings within its 3500X lineup, comprising three distinct variants. The series encompasses a standard edition and two illuminated versions, one of which incorporates fans from the iCUE Link platform!

3500X: trio of options to select from!

If you’ve been monitoring our Computex updates, you are likely already acquainted with Corsair’s 3500X. This fresh casing represents the brand’s solution to the prevailing aquarium-style trend in casings.

Specifically, this translates to dimensions of 240 (W) x 460 (D) x 506 (H) mm. Internally, it is compatible with:

  • BTF, Project Zero ATX motherboards
  • 170 mm-tall CPU cooling system
  • 410 mm graphics card length
  • ATX power supply with a depth of 180 mm

Within, the casing can house a maximum of ten 120 mm fans, opposed to five 140 mm fans. Noteworthy features include the provision for dual 360 mm watercooling radiators atop and beside the motherboard tray.

Nevertheless, Corsair offers three renditions of this casing, with the standard model arriving sans fans by default at the economical price of €99.90. The illuminated model boasts three RS120 illuminated fans installed on the side. The cost escalates to €139.90, which is still reasonable. Alternatively, the iCUE Link 3500X RGB variant showcases three iCUE Link RX120 RGB fans and bears a price tag of €194.90, which is relatively high for a set of three fans.

Take a look at Corsair’s product specifications!

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