COSMIC Desktop has launched its official background images.

Following System76’s revelation of the innovative COSMIC brand towards the end of June, they have now unveiled a fresh collection of official wallpapers for the highly anticipated COSMIC desktop environment within the vast open-source community.

The novelty is now within reach for Pop!_OS users, offering a new and visually appealing appearance to their desktop environments.

The set of eight wallpapers all center around space themes, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the COSMIC environment’s visual appeal. Each wallpaper tells its own cosmic story.

These wallpapers showcase celestial wonders such as a fierce stellar nursery, the heart of the Milky Way captured by the MeerKAT telescope, the captivating Orion Nebula in our galaxy, and even a striking view of Earth from outer space. Additionally, the collection features celestial bodies like the stunning Tarantula Nebula and the varied moons of our Solar System and dwarf planet Pluto.

There was minor disappointment expressed over the simplicity of the single wallpaper designed by System76, which seemed somewhat lacking in the anticipated retro-cartoon style typically associated with their branding.

To adorn their desktops with these captivating wallpapers, Pop!_OS users can effortlessly install them by executing the command sudo apt install cosmic-wallpapers in the terminal.

For further elaboration or to obtain the wallpapers in their full glory, users can explore the official COSMIC wallpapers GitHub page hosted by System76 on the dedicated GitHub repository.

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Bobby Borisov

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