Cranium Days in London 2024 | Ubuntu

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Cranial Days in London 2024 | Ubuntu

Date: July 17th, 2022

Location: London, United Kingdom

Joining London soon is the Ceph Days event, taking place at Canonical’s freshly unveiled office at More London Place. A collaboration between Canonical and IBM is proudly supporting this community-driven gathering.

For those unfamiliar, Ceph Days are local one-day conferences that unite Ceph communities, hosting an array of technical discussions led by both upstream developers and operators. The day concludes with a networking session for Ceph developers and users to connect.

There are still available tickets, and detailed information can be accessed here.

Aside from hosting the London event, two Ceph experts from Canonical will be speaking at the conference.

Implementing NVMe-oF with Ceph and Juju

Luciano Lo Giudice, a Software Engineer, will present his work on a new Juju charm facilitating the creation of NVMe-oF devices supported by RBD. This charm simplifies scaling and ensuring high-availability of the NVMe-oF gateway.

Sunbeam and Ceph’s Collaboration

Principal Architect James Page will delve into OpenStack Sunbeam and its integration with Ceph. The Sunbeam project represents a new approach to deploying and managing OpenStack Clouds, including its interaction with Ceph through MicroCeph. He will explore the rationale behind this method and the technology employed.

We are eager to welcome you to the event. For more insights on Ceph Days London, the comprehensive agenda, and registration details, visit the event page here.

Discover more about Ceph on Ubuntu by visiting this link.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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