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Efficient Creation and Expansion of 6,000 Virtual Machines in 7 Hours using Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

June 25, 2024 – Boaz Ben Shabat

When it comes to the framework of organizational infrastructure, there are occasions where there is a pressing demand to swiftly expand. Entities might be limited in time to set up new infrastructure, especially when it involves considerable services.

Explore a scenario involving the deployment of a large scale that enables 6,000 virtual machines (VMs) and 15,000 pods. This setup includes employing an external Red Hat® Ceph® Storage 12-node cluster and a Red Hat OpenShift® Virtualization 132 node cluster, linked with an external Ceph Storage cluster…read more

Optimizing Security Performance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9: An Analysis of AES-GCM

June 13, 2024 – Otto Sabart, Adam Okuliar

In the current digital environment, ensuring the safeguarding of information over unsecured channels is more crucial than ever. Traditionally, this critical task was managed by specialized hardware devices referred to as concentrators, which are typically associated with substantial costs. However, what if the same levels of security and performance could be achieved using easily accessible retail hardware?

Discover an innovative, cost-effective solution by leveraging Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 on modern, multi-core CPUs. Delve into various setups and encryption methods, uncovering how this method can match the performance of high-end industrial devices. Surprisingly, it’s plausible to attain 50 Gbps of IPsec AES-GCM with multiple security associations using commodity hardware…read more

Guaranteeing a scalable and efficient environment for ROSA with hosted control planes

May 30, 2024 – Russell Zaleski Murali Krishnasamy, David Sanz Moreno, Mohit Sheth

Ensuring the performance and scalability of OpenShift is a fundamental principle of the OpenShift Performance and Scale squad at Red Hat. Before its launch (and persisting to date), ROSA undergoes comprehensive performance and scale assessments to guarantee top-notch performance delivery. These assessments encompass control plane and data path concentration, upgrades, and network performance. These assessments have been instrumental in evaluating and enhancing the performance of the “classic” ROSA; however, what occurs when transitioning to hosted control planes?…read more

Quay/Clair Optimization: Profiling Outcomes, Performance, and Effectiveness

March 19, 2024 – Vishnu Challa

Red Hat Quay (likewise offered as a service via is a cloud-oriented container registry facility that empowers users to stock, manage, and distribute container images. It furnishes a platform for hosting, sharing, and securing container images across various environments, encompassing on-premise data centers, public cloud frameworks, and hybrid cloud deployments…read more

Supplementing memory utilization with OpenShift Virtualization employing Free Page Reporting

March 13, 2024 – Robert Krawitz

OpenShift Virtualization, a feature of Red Hat OpenShift, permits the operation of virtual machines (VMs) alongside containers on the same platform, streamlining management. It enables the utilization of VMs in containerized environments by running VMs in the same manner as any other pod, enabling organizations with substantial investments in virtualization or those desiring increased isolation provided by VMs with legacy workloads to utilize them in a coordinated containerized atmosphere…read more

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