Deliberately delay Setback for a Quarter of Changes

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3. July 2024
Douglas DeMaio

Slowroll, with a more restrained upgrade frequency compared to Tumbleweed, is being embraced as a compromise between Tumbleweed’s rapid rolling releases and the conventional Leap release.

Slowroll is on the brink of complete implementation, with the development team diligently preparing for the next version increment, with scheduled updates set for the 9th of July, 9th of August, and 9th of September. These updates aim to maintain a consistent monthly rhythm to ensure users receive timely and stable upgrades.

One of the crucial updates to be included will involve the most recent OpenSSH Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) fixes, which have already been incorporated into Tumbleweed. This enhancement bolsters the security of Slowroll and guarantees its status as a resilient and trustworthy distribution for users.

Key Characteristics of Slowroll

Regular Update Schedule: Slowroll provides a monthly rolling update cycle that offers users the latest features and security patches while guaranteeing stability through thorough testing and validation.

Beta Phase: Slowroll is currently in its Beta phase, signifying its imminent readiness for full deployment. Users can anticipate a dependable user experience with continuous enhancements.

Ongoing Enhancement: The distribution incorporates substantial updates roughly every month, alongside continuous bug fixes and security updates, ensuring a secure and current system.

Data and Position

Based on the most recent statistics accessible on the Slowroll Stats page:

  • Tumbleweed has had 2813 packages updated since the last version increment
  • Slowroll has received 1316 updates from 871 distinct packages, with only 339 updated RPMs specific to Slowroll builds

Origins and Objective

Introduced in 2023, Slowroll was crafted as an experimental distribution. Its main objective is to offer a slower-paced rolling release in comparison to Tumbleweed, thereby enhancing stability without compromising on access to new functionalities. The distribution evolves constantly with significant updates integrated approximately every month, supported by regular bug fixes and security enhancements.

It is essential to note that Slowroll is not meant to supplant Leap. Instead, it presents an option for users seeking more up-to-date software at a slower rate than Tumbleweed but faster than Leap.

If you decide to experiment with Slowroll, enjoy the experience – rolling… at a leisurely pace!

(Illustration created with DALL-E)

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