Delivering live Ubuntu experience to Amazon EKS Anywhere clients using Ubuntu Pro

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At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 held in Barcelona earlier this year, Canonical unveiled the availability of Real-time Ubuntu on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services Anywhere (EKS Anywhere). By incorporating Real-time Ubuntu, a telecom operator can now confidently operate its Open Radio Access Network (RAN) software workloads on Amazon EKS Anywhere, ensuring ultra low-latency data processing with high reliability.

The importance of Open RAN in the telecommunications sector

Telecom carriers are continually looking for innovative methods to introduce new revenue-generating services while concurrently cutting down operational expenses. Open RAN offers operators a landscape where technology providers can offer cost-effective solutions through open and standardized APIs, enabling interoperability. This approach empowers telecom operators to deploy their RAN systems as disaggregated and distributed components across their edge infrastructure, boosting flexibility and operational efficiency in network activities.

Explanation of a real-time operating system kernel

A real-time OS kernel allows for the deployment of any software application that demands bounded low latency within the operating system kernel during execution.

Real-time Ubuntu’s benefits for Amazon EKS Anywhere

RAN software workloads are highly sensitive to delays in data processing and delivery, underscoring the importance of integrating real-time kernel capabilities into Amazon EKS Anywhere for telecom operators like NTT DOCOMO. These capabilities are pivotal for Open RAN deployments at edge locations, ensuring effective operation of virtual RAN functions. In essence, a real-time OS kernel is essential for accommodating time-sensitive business applications on cloud-native infrastructure like Amazon EKS Anywhere, a need fulfilled by Canonical’s Real-time Ubuntu.

The journey of enhancement

During the MWC panel, Arno Van Huysteen (Chief Technology Officer for Telco at Canonical) emphasized the collaborative efforts of partner companies in delivering innovative solutions that cater to customer requirements. Canonical engineers played a critical role in enabling out-of-tree kernel drivers in an integrated system, offering precise guidance to AWS engineers on optimizing the Ubuntu real-time kernel for enhanced performance in Amazon EKS Anywhere operational contexts. Besides operating system optimization, Canonical engineers worked on porting necessary changes and integrations into Ubuntu Pro, Canonical’s subscription service providing expanded security coverage for over 25,000 software packages.

Extensive testing across varied environments was conducted to ensure smooth operations in different deployment scenarios. With the integration of Amazon EKS Anywhere and Ubuntu Pro images, operators can capitalize on real-time processing capabilities coupled with comprehensive security and compliance support for open source software in Linux. The combination of Ubuntu Pro on Amazon EKS Anywhere offers telecom operators a secure, high-performance platform that expedites Open RAN deployment, benefitting operators like NTT Docomo who have opted for EKS Anywhere with Real-time Ubuntu.

Exploring Canonical’s offerings for telecom

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