Did you pass up on the opportunity to purchase the $500,000 Cheyenne supercomputer? Supermicro is offering an Intel server deal that you simply can’t resist — including eight Gaudi 2 AI accelerators, 76 cores, 1TB of RAM, and 100GbE for only $90,000.

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A Great Deal

If you decided against purchasing the $500,000 Cheyenne supercomputer, consider this new offering from Supermicro. Cheyenne, previously ranked 20th globally, was equipped with 8,000 Intel Xeon CPUs, 300TB of RAM, and had some issues like water leaks. It was recently auctioned by the US General Services Administration (GSA) for $480,085, with additional costs for dismantling and relocation.

Amidst competitive bidding, Cheyenne found a new owner for a decent price. If owning a supercomputer is on your radar but you seek a more affordable and efficient option, Supermicro might have what you need.

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