Don’t miss out on the top Samsung deals for EOFY 2024: big savings on TVs, soundbars, headphones and more!

Retailers offering Samsung EOFY deals

As the end of the financial year approaches, keep an eye out for the best Samsung EOFY deals. While the official EOFY sales are set to kick off towards the end of May and into June, some retailers have already started offering enticing discounts on a range of Samsung products such as soundbars, TVs, smartphones, and more.

The 2024 lineup of Samsung TVs and soundbars, which was launched earlier this year, has already started receiving discounts. For instance, there is a substantial AU$796 saving on the flagship Q990D Dolby Atmos soundbar at JB Hi-Fi. The Samsung S90D QD-OLED has also seen a price drop, with a generous AU$645 saving on the 55-inch model at Appliance Central.

While these discounts are not officially part of the EOFY deals, they present excellent opportunities to save on high-quality Samsung products. It is worth noting that while the upcoming Samsung EOFY deals are expected to be great, the early deals currently available might offer competitive savings.

Best Samsung EOFY 2024 deals





Samsung EOFY sales 2024: key information

EOFY sales are widely anticipated in Australia, with the sales period typically starting a few weeks before June 30, the end of the financial year. Retailers often begin their EOFY promotions in late May, with the best Samsung deals expected in June. While some sales events may not last the entire month, certain retailers run EOFY sales for the entire month of June, offering extended opportunities for savings.

What are EOFY sales?

EOFY sales mark the end of the financial year for individuals and businesses, providing retailers with a prime opportunity to clear out older stock and introduce new products. This sales period covers a wide range of items, from tech gadgets like laptops and TVs to discounted phone plans, flights, cars, clothing, and large home appliances. Moreover, items purchased during EOFY sales that are used for work-related purposes may be tax-deductible.

Are EOFY sales worth it?

EOFY sales are significant events in Australia, comparable to Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. This period is ideal for purchasing big-ticket items like laptops and TVs, as they are often heavily discounted. Furthermore, many of the discounted products during EOFY may be tax deductible for eligible shoppers, providing additional savings. It’s advisable to keep receipts for work-related purchases for potential tax deductions.

EOFY sales 2024: shopping tips

Shopping during Australia’s EOFY sales can be overwhelming with numerous deals available. Here are some tips to help you navigate the sales and make the most of the savings opportunities:

1. Keep an eye on price history
Monitoring the price history of products you’re interested in can help you determine the best deals during EOFY sales. Understanding the typical pricing of items will assist you in identifying genuine bargains.

2. Figure out what features you’re after
Identifying the essential features you need in a product can help you make informed purchasing decisions. Opting for older models or products with fewer advanced features might offer significant cost savings without compromising on functionality.

3. Consider a different brand
Be open to exploring alternative brands or models that offer similar specifications but at a lower price. Comparing different brands can help you find better value for your money during the EOFY sales.

4. Don’t spend on extended warranties with little value
Before purchasing extended warranties, carefully assess the terms and consider whether they provide added value. Remember that Australian Consumer Law already offers protections, so ensure you understand your rights before investing in extended warranties you may not need.

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