DON’T NOD postpones the release of their new game because of Life is Strange.

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DON’T NOD, known primarily for their work on the Life is Strange series, has decided to delay the release of their upcoming game until 2025. This decision comes as a result of the impending launch of Life is Strange: Double Exposure, created by Deck Nine. Despite venturing into new IPs, DON’T NOD has opted to postpone their next project to avoid competition with the latest LiS installment.

In an official statement released to the press, the French studio stated:

“DON’T NOD, an independent game development studio, announces a revised launch window for their highly anticipated narrative adventure Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, crafted by the creators of Life is Strange. Originally set for a late 2024 debut, this new intellectual property will now premiere in early 2025.”

CEO of DON’T NOD, Oskar Guilbert, explained the reasoning behind the delay:

“We understand that our fanbase is eagerly anticipating this release, alongside the newest chapter of Life is Strange. By allowing both titles the necessary breathing room, we aim to ensure our players can fully engage with the communities surrounding these games.”

Acknowledging their strong connection with the Life is Strange franchise, DON’T NOD’s decision to postpone their game showcases a thoughtful gesture towards their supporters, granting them the opportunity to immerse themselves back into the world of Life is Strange.

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