Elden Ring 1.12 Update Enhances Ray Tracing Performance on PC

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The most recent 1.12 update for Elden Ring has brought substantial enhancements to ray tracing performance on PC, as showcased in a new comparison video.

Presented by MxBenchmarkPC, the video juxtaposes the game’s prior and current versions running on an RTX 4080 GPU at 4K resolution with maximum settings and ray tracing enabled. It clearly demonstrates the significant performance improvements achieved with the new patch, particularly in scenarios where the game previously struggled to maintain a steady 60 frames per second. Now, playing with ray tracing is a much more feasible option on high-end systems.

Aside from the notable ray tracing enhancements, the Elden Ring 1.12 update also brings forth a range of new features and balance adjustments. These include additions to the Inventory and Map functions, tweaks to PvP and PvE dynamics, among other changes. For a comprehensive list of updates, refer to the complete patch notes provided.

Elden Ring is currently accessible on various platforms such as PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide. To delve deeper into the outstanding Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, be sure to explore my review.

Shadow of the Erdtree expands upon the core game by delivering more of the elements that positioned it as one of the premier open-world titles. It unveils a sizable map teeming with hidden treasures to uncover, intricately crafted new dungeons, and introduces engaging tools to aid players in combatting some of the game’s most formidable adversaries within its dark and harsh realm. While the absence of fresh gameplay mechanics may disillusion some, do not be disheartened. Shadow of the Erdtree matches the excellence of the base game, constituting an indispensable acquisition for all enthusiasts of FromSoftware’s remarkable action RPG.

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