Elden Ring Graceborne Mod, influenced by Bloodborne, seeks to infuse FromSoftware’s popular game with a darker and more eerie atmosphere.

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The Elden Ring Graceborne Modification, influenced by Bloodborne, aims to imbue FromSoftware’s beloved game with a more somber and eerie ambiance.

Fans of Elden Ring and Bloodborne are coming together to celebrate the advent of the fresh Elden Ring Graceborne modification, which strives to infuse FromSoftware’s 2022 sensation with a more menacing and sinister tone.

Devised by modder ‘Noctis’, this Graceborne mod draws significant inspiration from the PlayStation 4 exclusive BloodBorne released in 2015. The modder acknowledges that the project is still a work-in-progress, with ongoing challenges regarding balancing, sound design, weapon scaling, and other aspects. It’s important to note that the mod may not be compatible with the latest Elden Ring version, necessitating a downgrade to version 1.10 or below. As of the current moment, ‘Noctis’ remains unsure of when the mod will be fully functional again following the recent release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and the latest update.

“Graceborne represents a mod overhaul in its early stages. Drawing heavy inspiration from Bloodborne, its primary objective is to transform the core game of Elden Ring into a darker and more sinister gaming experience utilizing various methods,” the modder elaborates. “In terms of content, the alpha release introduces a total of 22 armor sets, 35 weapons, 17 trick weapons, and 5 firearms. Additional gameplay enhancements include gun parrying, removal of equip load restrictions, quicksteps when locked on, perpetual nighttime setting, Bloodborne-style healing mechanics, and more.”

Below, you can view the alpha release trailer showcasing the captivating features of this intriguing overhaul modification:

The Elden Ring Graceborne mod is accessible for download on Nexusmods exclusively for the PC platform.

Elden Ring alongside the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is presently available worldwide for both PC and consoles. Below is an overview of our impressions of this 2022 blockbuster from our initial review:

From the very outset, it is evident that Elden Ring boasts a remarkably intricate lore. The storyline unfolds within the Lands Between, formerly flourishing under the reign of Queen Marika The Eternal and her offspring, the Demigods. The populace of these lands enjoyed prosperity bestowed by the Erdtree and the Elden Ring birthed from it, sustaining the Golden Order. The Elden Ring’s stability relied on the harmony among the diverse Runes it encapsulated. Yet, the history of the Lands Between took a dark turn when enigmatic individuals absconded with the Death Rune, leading to the demise of one of Marika’s children, the Demigod Godwyn. This tragic event marked the collapse of the Golden Order, plunging the Lands Between into the crisis witnessed at the game’s inception. The player embodies one of the Tarnished, tasked with reclaiming every Great Rune to restore the Elden Ring and ascend as the Elden Lord. The Tarnished were once all under the blessings of the Erdtree and the Elden Ring, but now only a few retain the grace that steers them towards their destined purpose.

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