Elden Ring Mouse Program on Computer May Lead to Framerate Problems, According to FromSoftware

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FromSoftware Warns Against Framerate Issues Caused by Elden Ring Mouse Program on Computer

FromSoftware has issued a cautionary notice regarding potential framerate problems linked to the use of Elden Ring mouse software on PCs. The official support account of FromSoftware made this advisory public following the recent launch of the well-received Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. If players encounter framerate disruptions, FromSoftware recommends shutting down the mouse software. According to a post on X translated by Dsogaming, the statement reads, “In the PC version, the frame rate may not be stable when playing the game while running a mouse-control related app. In that case, please try playing the game after stopping the mouse-control related app.”

It is advisable to cease the operation of background applications before initiating Elden Ring, or any other gaming application, to potentially circumvent such issues.

Elden Ring, along with the Shadow of the Erdtree update, is presently accessible on a global scale for both PC and console platforms. Kindly refer to our thoughts on the game’s expansion from earlier this month. Additionally, we have attached some 4K PC gameplay for your viewing pleasure:

“Having immersed in the enticing journey of the Elden Ring adventure once more, scouring for map fragments to unravel the mysteries of the realm, marking points of interest, and marveling at breathtaking landscapes, vast fortresses, and eerie woods, oblivious to the lurking perils within. With an oversaturation of open-world titles in 2024—such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Rise of the Ronin, and the PC adaptations of Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima—Shadow of the Erdtree’s open-world layout stands out as a testament to Elden Ring’s enduring appeal. Despite minor technical glitches and a lack of groundbreaking innovations, I stand by a perfect score for the game.”

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