Elden Ring Smooth Cooperative Modification now compatible with Shadow of the Erdtree, introduces elective invasions.

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Recently, LukeYui has adjusted his Elden Loop Seamless Co-Op modification to be compatible with the freshly launched Shadow of the Sacred Tree extension. The modder has shared the following update:

  • Harmonization with Elden Loop Application Version 1.12, encompassing Shadow of the Sacred Tree DLC
  • Completely revamped coding; resolved previous glitches such as enemies sinking through surfaces
  • Items acquired during dialogs are now distributed among all players
  • Synchronization of event flags has been enhanced
  • Added enemy scalability preferences
  • Player demise tally now an optional player insignia feature
  • Included the ability to reveal the ongoing session password in-game
  • Compatibility with ModEngine 2
  • Validation of matchmaking: only individuals with identical mods can connect with each other
  • Addition of infiltrations (voluntary)

The modder has noted that there are still some existing bugs:

Although not flawless, it has now reached a stage where it is usable for cooperative gameplay in Elden Loop and the DLC. I am cognizant of some persisting issues and will continue to refine it beyond the initial launch – the forthcoming days are crucial for timely rectification of any problematic concerns.

The Seamless Co-Op mod was recently commended by none other than Elden Circle originator Hidetaka Miyazaki, who suggested that a flexible cooperative framework like this could potentially be incorporated into forthcoming titles created by FromSoftware.

To delve further into the Shadow of the Sacred Tree expansion (already boasting 5 million sales), browse through Wccftech’s review:

Despite open-world weariness prevailing earlier this year due to the influx of open-world games in 2024—such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Rise of the Ronin, and the PC iterations of Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima—Shadow of the Sacred Tree’s open-world configuration stands as a testament to how the Elden Circle encounter still eclipses everything else in the industry.

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