Elden Ring Update 1.12.3 Introduces Further Balance Adjustments and Resolution of Glitches

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FromSoftware has rolled out the latest update for Elden Ring today, labeled as version 1.12.3. This patch focuses on refining the game’s balance and addressing various bugs to enhance the overall gaming experience. Below is a detailed overview of the changes included in this update:

Adjustments for Player vs. Player (PvP) Content

  • Reduced the damage and animation speed of the “Swift Slash” Skill’s shearing vacuum effect.

General Gameplay Balancing

  • Boosted the Intelligence scaling of the Carian Sorcery Sword while slightly diminishing its base damage output.
  • Increased the throwing attacks range for weapons such as the Smithscript Dagger and Smithscript Cirque.
  • Adjusted the placement of bosses during rematches against the Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius to match their original fight locations.

Resolution of Various Glitches

  • Fixed an issue causing the Rolling Sparks Skill to deal excessive damage.
  • Resolved a bug where the Rolling Sparks and Wall of Sparks Skills wouldn’t inflict damage when certain player effects were active.
  • Corrected an issue where right-handed weapon effects were incorrectly applied to left-handed Weapon Skills like Feeble Lord’s Frenzied Flame and Discus Hurl.
  • Addressed multiple bugs related to stamina consumption, attack recovery, and damage consistency for various weapons and skills.

Not only did this update tackle numerous bugs, but it also improved performance and fine-tuned gameplay mechanics. On a related note, renowned author George R.R. Martin, who contributed significantly to Elden Ring’s world and characters, hinted at potential adaptations of the game into feature films or TV series.

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