Elden Ring’s Latest Additions Improve Difficulty of Shadow of the Erdtree and Significantly Elevate Visual Experience

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A collection of fresh Elden Ring modifications has surfaced online recently, aiming to refine the difficulty level of the Shadow of the Erdtree extension and amplify the visual aesthetics of the base game substantially.

The first modification, Shadow of the Erdtree Reporter Mode, adjusts the Crimson Amber Medallion to slash all inflicted damage by 50% in Reporter Mode and wholly nullify harm in Examiner Mode. Like with any Elden Ring modification, the employment of this modification necessitates the utilization of the offline launcher.

The second addition to Elden Ring, Eternalclarity, does not introduce alterations to gameplay mechanics but focuses on enhancing the game’s graphics by lessening or eradicating LOD, expanding drawing distances, refining decals, lightshaft quality, depth of field, water effects, and more. Visual comparisons showcase a substantial enhancement, although solely individuals with top-rate PCs can relish these upgrades with satisfactory performance. Regrettably, this modification exclusively supports the game’s prior iteration, 1.10.1, with an absence of updates for the latest rendition, 1.12.

Although diminishing the toughness of a title developed by FromSoftware typically is unadvisable, the rationale behind wanting to temper the challenge of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is understandable. Initially, all adversaries pose a significant threat until the player accumulates adequate Scadutree Fragments to capitalize on the Scadutree Blessing mechanics. Yet, conquering these formidable trials leads to a gratifying conclusion within the expansion, solidifying it as a potent ending to one of the finest action role-playing games from recent memory, as noted in my review.

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