Embracer abandoned plans for a new Red Faction game in 2023.

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During the last year and a half, Embracer Group has been hustling to rectify its financial predicament by closing down studios, offloading others, and axing various projects in a bid to unearth more commercially feasible games. The beloved TimeSplitters franchise, with a devoted following, was nixed, and Red Faction, another widely acclaimed intellectual property, faced a similar fate recently.

Reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, a fresh Red Faction game was greenlit and given the green light at Embracer prior to the revelation of all the financial hurdles. The concept, aiming to pick up from where Red Faction: Guerrilla left off, was ultimately scrapped towards the end of 2023.

As per sources, the team at Fishlabs had been toiling on the project under the secretive moniker ‘Project White,’ even presenting cosplay and a trailer as the visual benchmark for the game in an endeavor to convince executives to keep the project afloat. Regrettably, there was a division in opinions among the executives, and instead of securing funds, Fishlabs’ leadership was instructed to release any staff not actively involved in a greenlit venture.

The envisioned game was intended to be situated a century following the incidents of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Currently, the potential commercial appeal of Red Faction remains uncertain for Embracer, raising doubts about whether a new installment in the series will receive investment. Additionally, contemplations loom over the prospects of other franchises such as Deus Ex, TimeSplitters, Saints Row, and more.

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