Encounter Canonical at SIGGRAPH 2024: Advancing Animation and VFX

Exciting news! We are delighted to inform you that we will be participating in SIGGRAPH 2024, set to take place in Denver, Colorado, from July 30th to August 1st.

Come and join us at booth #317 to explore how Ubuntu and various Canonical solutions can spearhead innovation in animation and facilitate the secure utilization of open-source software.

Being the foundation of numerous contemporary animation studios, Ubuntu offers a sturdy and safe platform for crafting captivating visual effects and animations.

Visit our booth to witness firsthand how our solutions can assist you in leveraging the open-source software you require, with added benefits like enterprise-grade support, security, and compliance coverage.

If you wish to meet our team face-to-face, please let us know, and we will schedule it accordingly.

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The Utilization of Open-source Software in Animation

In earlier times, before the advent of open-source technology, traditional stop-motion animation necessitated pricey, specialized tools and software. However, today, nearly all modern animation studios employ open-source software to some degree.

For instance, your studio likely employs tools such as Blender, Dragonframe, Unity, Unreal, or DaVinci Resolve.

All of these tools are compatible with Ubuntu, the most favored Linux distribution worldwide.

Ubuntu, as an open-source operating system, empowers animators to utilize robust animation tools on economical hardware, making intricate stop-motion animation achievable even on a tight budget.

Moreover, Ubuntu guarantees stability and compatibility with a broad array of animation hardware and software, enabling animators to work with tools that seamlessly integrate with digital cameras and motion control setups, thereby facilitating a smooth and efficient animation process.

Though open-source tools offer advantages like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a collaborative development approach encouraging innovation, ensuring their security and future support can still pose challenges.

Here is where Ubuntu Pro plays a crucial role.

Advantages of Ubuntu Pro for animation studios:

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: By opting for Ubuntu Pro, you receive 10 years of maintenance for over 25,000 open-source packages, which includes Blender. This significantly reduces your exposure to serious security vulnerabilities from an average of 98 days to just 1 day, thus maintaining the security of your systems.
  • Empower Your Creative Team: You can uplift your creative team and update your software as per your convenience while ensuring the security of your entire production pipeline. With our infrastructure management tool, Landscape, you can enjoy unparalleled compatibility and stability across a diverse range of animation hardware and software.
  • Affordable Animation Setup & System Management: Ubuntu is and always will be free. Ubuntu Pro offers a single subscription that overcomes the traditional obstacles of cost, complexity, and data management concerning open-source animation and VFX tools.
  • Superior Enterprise-grade Support: Whether you require 24/7/365 worldwide assistance, managed services, or specialized training, Canonical, the organization behind Ubuntu, has your back. We can tailor a support plan to guarantee business continuity and fortify the resilience of your infrastructure.

About SIGGRAPH 2024

SIGGRAPH 2024 marks the 51st International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. This event showcases a diverse range of sessions and exhibits highlighting the latest advancements in computer graphics, visual effects, interactive techniques, and digital art.

We extend our invitation to gaming developers, visual effects/animation studios, and VFX tool creators. We are eager to learn how you are leveraging open-source software presently and how we can facilitate this journey to be secure and efficient.

Were you aware that we deliver and maintain the majority of open-source packages on the public cloud (25,000+ open-source packages)?

You can engage the engineers behind Ubuntu to aid in building, maintaining, and operating secure clouds or subscribe to Ubuntu Pro to encompass all aspects of open infrastructure and architecture.

Keen on learning more? Schedule a meeting with our booth team.

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