Engage in the Google I/O Crossword puzzle designed with Gemini AI technology

Participate in the Google I/O Word Puzzle crafted with Gemini AI technology

We constructed the I/O Word Puzzle utilizing the Gemini API by feeding Gemini Advanced both main presentations from the recent Google I/O event. We tasked it with generating content related to technology for a word puzzle that would serve as an enjoyable method to grasp the I/O announcements. Gemini played a crucial role in developing the 320 words and hints found in the puzzle.

The AI-generated content was seamlessly incorporated into the puzzle game, which was formed using our suite of programming tools — Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Project IDX, Google Chrome, and Google Cloud — to establish the game’s layout and operations.

Utilizing these tools, we also implemented the AI-driven hint function. Solving a word puzzle typically involves using the clues to deduce the correct answers. However, we all encounter moments when a word eludes us, or a clue proves insufficient. Instead of resorting to external sources for assistance, we embedded AI directly into the game to offer subtle nudges, just enough to stimulate your cognitive abilities and provide that sense of achievement when you ultimately solve the puzzle.

The I/O Word Puzzle is designed to encourage you to contemplate how you could leverage the Gemini API to enhance traditional experiences or develop entirely novel ones. If you possess a compelling concept, you have until August 12, 2024, to submit your project to the Gemini API Developer Competition.

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